Right now, in this moment, you are perfect.


Ahead of you lies all the potential in the universe and a path that’s better than the one you’re currently on.

But right now – you are perfect.


Think about it this way: From this point onward you have the chance to turn it around. You have the chance to USE your past instead of drown in it. USE those lessons to grow. Make better decisions. Gain self-knowledge. Going forward, you can be smarter, stronger, faster … a better parent or wife or husband.

But right now – you are perfect.

The ability to CHANGE YOUR LIFE hinges on really realizing this and believing it deep down in your soul. In order to change, you need this kind of special faith. You have to understand and FEEL your own potential even if in the past you haven’t lived up to it.

But right now – you are perfect.


Know that in each of these perfect moments you’re at a crossroads. Will you choose to realize your potential? Or will you avoid it, moving to the next perfect moment? Or maybe the next? Or even the one after that? … until you run out of perfect moments and make that long journey from which there will be no return.

You see, we will ALL eventually run out of time. But we don’t have to squander the time that has been given to us. It’s precious. Make it count.

So go forward. Make the change. Realize that what lies within you has the potential to be great.


“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.